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Latest News

Our Scammell appearing in Heritage Commercials Magazine January 2022

Mast installation October 2021

Blocks on pallet over Matlock June 2021

Tank removal in Nottingham using 3 cranes April 2021

Installing Pole Transformer April 2021 with Spider Crane

Offload of 6 brewing cylinders March 2021

Haulage & cranage of wide load February 2021

Cranage of 6.8 Metre Stainless Steel tank into 9 metre high building February 2021

Install of transformer by Chatsworth Farm Shop, Pilsley January 2021

Our Scammell has been renovated and now sporting it’s new decals – what a beaut !

Cranage of crusher November 2020

Cranage of steels with Spider Crane November 2020

Lifting safe door in Preston October 2020

Cranage of hydroelectric equipment September 2020

Telecom mast install September 2020

Cranage of steel frame August 2020

Cranage of Teletruk August 2020

Cranage and siting of Hydroelectric equipment July 2020

Cranage of oak frame with Spider Crane July 2020

Transport of 5 transformers July 2020

40 foot site office, haulage and resite July 2020

20 foot container into very restricted access July 2020

Installation of switchgear June 2020

Removal and install of brewing tanks May 2020

Mast installation April 2020

Slurry stirrer April 2020

Hot tubs March 2020

Emergency night install of transformer – January 2020

Tight underground install of transformer in London – January 2020

Cranage of roof trusses December 2019

Precision placement, working in very tight, and restricted space ! – November 2019

Haulage and lift of crusher – November 2019


We now have a DAF haulage truck capable or carrying 11 Tonne payload, with a Fassi Hiab and fly jib with 25 metre reach – below it is assisting with erecting a steel frame building in October

Telecoms mast removal – October 2019

Transformer Installation – October 2019

Container Lift – October 2019

Removal & refit of excavation boom October 2019

Lifting oak roof trusses on a slope August 2019

Steel girders placed in roof conversion August 2019

Lifting 13 ton Hammer Press July 2019

Removal of crusher – June 2019

Glass roof installation

May 2019

Steel beams install paying careful consideration to garden

Rigging up the crane on an uneven surface, then lifting 2.2 Ton SwimSpa into place May 2019

Timber frame house extension April 2019

Steel frame building install April 2019

Static caravan lift April 2019

Silo lift March 2019

Supporting power cables for Western Power Distribution, during replacement of electric pole

Removal of Lime Crusher December 2018

Transformer installation November 2018

Erection of Steel Framed Building November 2018

Container lift November 2018

Replacing cable car top wheel for Heights of Abraham, Matlock Bath – November 2018

Carefully lowering the wheel into place
Back in action !

Cranage of 2 concrete SFA15C headwalls – October 2018

Lifting concrete sections into place
Installation complete

Tree work October 2018

Hot tub September 2018

Underground transformer installation September 2018

Difficult install of water pumps at Derbyshire reservoir – September 2018

Pumps ready for operation

Steel beams into restricted area using Spider Crane – October 2018

Scaffolding August 2018

Timber Roof Trusses – July 2018

Underground Transformer installation in London – July 2018

Telecom Mast replacement planned and managed by DAC Ltd with a cross-hire crane from Raymond Crane – July 2018

Steel beams into restricted access with Spider Crane – June 2018

Cranage of steel for William Twigg – May 2018

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Contact us: 01246 918900 / 07836 322314